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Water Pumps

Grundfos SQFlex
Designed for continuous or intermittent operation the SQFlex is especially suitable for water supply applications in remote locations. The SQF Pump uses helical rotor technology for high heads and small flows.

    SQFlex Pump Features:
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking results in high efficiency
  • Dry Running Protection w. Automatic Restart
  • Max Power Input 900 Watts
  • Overload Protection w. Automatic Restart
  • Max Speed 3000 Rpm
  • Max Current 8.4 Amp
  • Flexible power supply 30-300vdc, 90-240vac
  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection
  • Overtemperature Protection w. Automatic Restart
  • Adaptable to Solar, Wind, Battery or Generator Power

3 SQF-2300' head, 2 gpm$2,350.00
3 SQF-3640' head, 2 gpm$2,350.00
6 SQF-2300' head, 6 gpm$2,350.00
11 SQF-2300' head, 11 gpm$2,350.00
IQ-200 Controller$415.00
IO-101 Controller110 vac$460.00

Product information:
Product Guide
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Spec Sheet

Grundfos CRFlex
Grundfos solar surface pumps provide the perfect sustainable, reliable and cost efficient alternative to irregular water supply solutions in remote locations, or for highly specific applications anywhere. Theses pumps provide individual solutions to water problems where conventional water supply systems fail or simply cannot reach. Although the initial investment including solar panel is higher, the operating cost is minimal. Grundfos has developed the MGFlex motor for optimal performance using solar power, for surface pump applications. In addition to solar panels, Grundfos solar surface pumps can be run from the grid or a generator.

    CRFlex Pump Features:
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MMPT) - Motor continuously optimizes the speed according to the input power available when connected to DC supply.
  • Wide voltage range - Operates at any voltage from 110 to 415 vdc or 220 to 240 VAC
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • Overload protection


Product Information:
Product Guide

Grundfos SQFlex
Grundfos CRFlex

Grundfos Control Boxes

The SQFlex system is available with a user-friendly CU200 control unit that maintains two-way communication with the pump and monitors the operating conditions. Built-in diagnostics indicate faults and dry-running, display operating status power consumption and level switch input. Other alternatives are IO100 switch box and IO101 generator box for SQFlex Solar, and IO102 breaker box for SQFlex Wind, which are controlled by a manual on/off switch.

SHURflo 9300 Submersible Pumps:
Three piston, 12/24vdc (can run at 12vdc @ 1/2 the 24 volt gpm) 250 head max.

2 psi35 psi70 psi105 psiPrice

Shurflo Pump Controllers:
902-200 Linear current booster, on/off switch, water level sensor 12 or 24 vdc$280.00

SHURflo 9300
Submersible Pump

SHURflo 2088 Series Diaphragm Pumps:
Self priming up to 12 ft, can run dry without damage, optional motor cooling fins, one way check valve prevents reverse flow and automatic operation with pressure demand switch. Delivers reliable performance in high flow, moderate pressure applications. There are used in a variety of transfer and dispense on demand applications where flow to 3.8 gpm is required. For added reliability the Twist-on Strainer can be used on the 2088 inlet port. Install optional heatsink 34-006 or 5" heatsink 34-007 for heavy duty applications where extra cooling is required.

Volts GPM PSI Price
* Industrial Grade Motor
Shurflo recommends that the pump be pulled every 2,000 hours for diaphragm inspection.
Rebuild Kits:Diaphragms, bearings, etc. call for price

SHURflo 2088
Diaphragm Pump

AC Pumps:
Shur Flo, Solar also make AC pumps. We can also get high quality AC submersible pumps, 1/3 to 5 hp single, split and 3 phase. Call us for more information.

We have installed many AC pumps that run off of the main power system and inverters. We do such a high volume of AC pumps we can supply them at wholesale prices.

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