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Solar Panels

Class A, High Quality, 2 year full warranty, 25 year limited. Aluminum frames, MC cables, diodes, API-310 UL Listed and ISO Certified. API50, 100, 230 CE and ISO certified. We can make custom panels up to 250 watts, all black, mono. Call or email for more information.

API Solar Panel Installation Guide

Model: Watts: Volts: Amps: Price/Watt: Price:
API-50 offgrid [specs]50 watt 17.4 vdc2.88 amp$1.10/Watt $55.00
API-100 offgrid [specs]100 watt 17 vdc5.88 amp$1.10/Watt $110.00
API-245 [specs]245 watt 30.84 vdc8 amp$1.10/Watt $269.50
API-285 [specs]285 watt 36.79 vdc7.73 amp$1.10/Watt $313.50
API-315 [specs]315 watt 38.45 vdc8.24 amp$1.10/Watt $346.50

*10 year warranty, made at our plant in California

Buy ten of the same wattage solar panel, get one of the same wattage free!

MC Cables:

Our MC cables are 30 feet long with a male and female connector on each end using #10 wire. - $20.00 each

Solar Panel Install:

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