Advance Power project

SMA 7.7 kW grid tie inverter and Schneider 6.8 kW power system with API 252 AH Lipo4 energy storage system

This system consists of:

24, API 320 watt solar panels on PSP ground mounts.

1, SMA 7.7 grid tie inverter.

1, Schneider 6.8 kW inverter and load center.

1, Schneider Conext SCP remote control and monitor.

1, 40 amp Lipo4 AC charger

2, Schneider 600 vdc, PV charge controllers.

1 API 252 AH, 13 kWh Lipo4 9th generation energy storage system.

This system can be either grid tie or primary power system.  Each of the two solar arrays has their own dedicated disconnect switches at the arrays and prior to the SMA inverter & the Schneider 600 vdc controllers.  This system design allows for both grid tie or independence from the grid. Or half grid tied and half off grid.  Just a simple turning off of one PV source circuit disconnect switch and turning on another allows the PV power to either flow to the SMA inverter or the Schneider 600 vdc controllers.  This customer can choose between grid and or backup & primary power without being AC coupled.  For extended primary power system power this system also has a 35 kW backup generator, auto start, based on Lipo4 battery system voltage.  The best of both worlds.  Total power independence and/or grid tied.  This type of system can easily be installed in most existing 600vdc string, grid tie inverter systems. Or can be added anytime in the future.  Giving you the flexibility to choose between grid tie and primary power system totally disconnected from the grid.

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