Asahi Electromni Actuated Ball Valves

• PVC or Hi-Temp CPVC valve.
• Two-part Teflon seat with a EPDM backing ring.
• Available in socket or threaded.
• 115 VAC.
• 2.2 Amp unidirectional 1/4-turn motor.
• Five-second cycle time.
• NEMA IV rated ABS housing (weather-proof).
• 25% duty cycle.
• Maximum line pressure on all sizes is 100 psi.

• Solar Energy Systems.
• Water Purification.
• De-watering.
• Wastewater Treatment.
• Metal/Surface Finishing.
• Aquaculture.
• Irrigation Systems.
• Chemical Cleaning Systems.



PVC only. 115 vac or 12/24 vdc 1-2″ PVC.

Price is $370.00 ea.

These motorized valves turn the hydro on and off by controlling the water flow. They are driven by a voltage sensitive relay that actuates the valve based on battery voltage, just like a solar charge controller. These valves turn the incoming water on and off based on battery bank voltage.


Voltage sensitive relay

Actuates a relay based on adjustable voltage setpoints. Simple to adjust, 12, 24, 36 & 48 vdc battery banks.

Price $85.00