API Lipo4 Energy Systems


ETL Listed to UL 1741, NEC compliant
Our lithium ion batteries are Lifepo4 Lithium, iron, and phosphate.

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Our Lipo4 energy systems are non corrosive, non gassing and non flammable. These battery systems are the safest batteries in the world. Virtually no maintenance other than monitoring. Systems include Master BMS and numerous slave BMS depending on Li system size and capacity. All API Lipo4 energy systems have a programmable low voltage disconnect system that protects the batteries from complete discharge. We also have a high voltage protection system. Plus our latest generation, generation 10, has a port for automatic cell diagnostics, cell balancing and individual cell charge and discharge for maintenance and trouble shooting. Our BMS is state of the art with 2 CAN ports and 7 trigger ports. We can control solar, wind, hydro, generators and loads if needed.

This is the BMS remote monitoring system for the APi Li systems the ones that are 24 & 48 vdc nominal.

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