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Advance Power: Mendocino County

Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power Co. Inc. is located in Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, California. Advance Power Redwood Valley was the first store in California to be powered by solar and wind. Established in 1978, we are one of the oldest and most respected companies in the solar, wind hydro industry. We are licensed solar and electrical contractors (#620243) and energy auditors (#840325). We don’t just design, install and sell energy systems and components, we live it. Our warehouse and offices are powered by the equipment we sell. Even though we have PG&E (local utility company) we don’t use them. The “main” difference between us and other companies is you can turn off our utility company main breaker and nothing happens. We produce all our own power. Our CEO has lived off grid for over 40 years. We have designed and installed systems all over the world. Our affiliates/associates are located in Shasta, San Joaquin and North Bay counties (covering all of N. California), plus Africa, South America and Asia. We also have representatives in Canada and Alaska.

We have designed and installed hundreds of thousands of primary power systems. Our main focus has always been energy independence. Even most of the grid tied systems we design and install are non export, non grid connected. We take people off the grid and provide them with independent power systems. This alleviates all the utility company & governmental bureaucracy and regulations. In California, grid tied systems are really utility company support systems. The utility companies control all inverters and energy storage systems. If you export power onto the grid you are now “regulated”. So, we do not export. We use all power on site. We turn the power companies off. If we need to do load shaving we do not design the system to cycle on/off to cut off the peaks and charge during the valleys, we take loads off the utility company metered systems and power them 100% of the time. Peak shaving usually means a very small battery bank, large inverter and minimal running time. Our system run all the time, have very large Li battery banks and large inverters. This allows us to remove 20 kW + (up to 2 MW) loads 24/7 off the utility service. A much better way to do load control that greatly reduces demand charges. These systems are usually at the same costs of other systems that only do load shaving for short periods of time.

We manufacture most of the products we represent. Our solar panels are manufactured in the US to the highest standards possible. 10 year full warranty, 25 year performance warranty and fully pass harsh environments tests. Our Li systems are Lipo4. Non explosive, non corrosive, non gassing with efficiencies of over 98% at over 80% depth of discharge. Our exclusive proprietary design makes these Li systems one of the best in the world. Low voltage system protection, high voltage protection, complete monitoring, circuit breakers and BMS all fully prewired in our steel enclosures. Our 10 th generation Li systems also have access ports for balancing systems. Our 48 vdc nominal can couple up to 20 kW of inverter power. Over 20 kW inverter we go to our containerized systems, 512 vdc nominal, fully wired with lighting and fire suppression systems. These systems are available in 100 kW to 2 MW configurations. Our VAWT wind turbines are state of the art turbines with many worldwide patents. VAWT are quiet, non directional and an excellent choice for turbulent areas, plus we don’t kill birds and bats. We also manufacture a full line of industrial grade lead acid batteries, LED lighting, solar power systems load centers, and disconnect, plus many, many more products.

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Mendocino County

6331 N State Street
Redwood Valley, CA 95470

(707) 485-0588
Se habla Español

8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday
10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday

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Shasta County

843 N. Market St.
Redding, CA 96003

Ph. (530) 226-0701
Fax (530) 226-0704

9am-5pm Monday-Friday
Saturday and Sunday by appointment only

Call Greg at (530) 510-6538

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San Joaquin County

BTA Solar

Stockton, CA 95215
Phone: 209-483-2991
Fax: 209-464-5478

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Africa & South America

New Sun Road

1301 South 46th Street
Richmond Field Station
Richmond, CA 94804

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Asia, India, Australia, Europe

Wuyu Tech Co.,LTD.

Tel:+ 86-571-88279160

Fax:+ 86-571-88279161

Address:No. 1870 Binsheng Road, Hangzhou, China

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Edward Ward
Cell: 907.717.6993

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